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Casa Atacama Full Casa Experience 4 nights
Casa Atacama Full Casa Experience 4 nights

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Experience the world's driest desert with Casa Atacama.

The Hotel Boutique Casa Atacama is a very special place for the travelers that came to visit the north of Chile. The Hotel is located in San Pedro de Atacama. Many details such as the architecture and  tours make this place unique.

The hotel is very hospitable, makes the guests feel like home, the facilities are outstanding, it has swimming pool and spa where guests can relax and rest after the fun afternoon excursions, Casa Atacama provides several activities for a really impressive and friendly stay.

On the subject of food the hotel has a wonderful restaurant called "La Romeria " which is characterized by typical dishes cooked with local ingredients and harvested by hand in small organic farms with flowers and vegetables. This Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama offers a bit of the typical cuisine of the area to complete the experience lodging, with excursions and also gastronomically.

The experience of coming to San Pedro is amazing and stay in a place like Casa Atacama makes it something wonderful, the people should not ignore the incredible hiking plans that are available, one of the highlights is certainly excursions to "Laguna Cejar" the starting point begins from Casa Atacama cycling to the south, until all three salt ponds.

One of the best tours that offers the hotel boutique is the one where people can explore the "Valle de la luna", an amazing experience with which one can appreciate the immensity of the Atacama Desert.

One of the main features form the Hotel is involved in a sustainable project that is based not only on a deep respect for our surroundings and the desert environment, but also on a highly intelligent design.

Casa Atacama is not just one of the hotels in San Pedro de Atacama; it is a whole new experience that you can’t let it pass.